Welcome to my web page!

I am Anna Karoline Meinel, master violinmaker in Leipzig, Saxony, Germany.
I learned my craft in the “Musikwinkel” of the Saxon Vogtland, in Klingenthal and Markneukirchen-the center of musical instrument making in Saxony.

At one time, my ancestors lived in Klingenthal, who, like me, were master violinmakers. They belonged to the well-known Saxon violinmaker dynasty, Hoyer and Meisel, dating back to the year 1703.

In my Leipzig-based violin making studio I primarily occupy myself with the construction of new modern and historical stringed instruments. Each instrument is individually built solely by hand, with attention to detail, and materials. The wood is carefully chosen and I make my own varnish by hand following an old recipe.

I make my historical stringed instruments in the Italian baroque style as well as the historical Vogtland baroque style, with which, following family tradition, I have set myself apart.

Naturally, I also do professional, and careful, repairs and restorations on all stringed instruments.
Whether it is small service work, maintenance, or more significant repair-each instrument is professionally cared for according to its needs, and is in very good hands.

I will also advise you regarding your concerns in the purchase, or repair, of stringed instruments in a professional, comprehensive, and neutral manner.
Upon request, I will examine your string instrument with regard to its history, its condition, and value.

Also, please pay attention to the information found on my German language website!

If I have sparked your interest, you are more than welcome to contact me.
Drop by my studio in person, or send me an e-mail.
I look forward to getting to know you and your string instrument.

Best regards,
Yours, Anna Karoline Meinel

November 2018:
From now on it is possible for tourists from non-EU countries to get back the VAT paid (minus a service fee to Tax Free Germany) when buying an instrument, bow and/or accessory (from 25.00 €).

Master Violinmaker Anna Karoline Meinel Violin built by Anna Karoline Meinel